Present Simple Tense (Present Indefinite)

Present Simple Tense (Present Indefinite)

पहचान: इन वाक्यों के अंत में  ता है /ते हैं /ती है /ता हूँ आता है।

राम जाता है।
वे खेलने जाते हैं।
सीता पढने जाती है।

How to make Tense:

If Sub= I, You, or Plural(बहुवचन)
1. Sub+Verb 1st form                          [ मैं खेलने जाता हूँ - I go to play. ]
2. Sub+don't+Verb 1st form            [ तुम खेलने नहीं जाते हो । - You don't go to play. ]
3. How+do+Sub+Verb 1st form     [तुम खेलने कैसे जाते हो । - How do you go to play?]
4. Why+don't+Sub+Verb 1st form      [तुम खेलने क्यों नहीं जाते हो । - Why don't you go to play?]

Speaking in Stress or loudly: Sub+do+Verb 1st form     [ वे बाजार जाते  हैं!   - They do go to market.]
Sentence using Never : Sub+never+Verb 1st form              [ वे खेलने कभी नहीं जाते  हैं। - They never go to play.]

If Sub=Singular(एकवचन)
1. Sub+Verb 1st form+s/es            [राम बाजार जाता है।  - Ram goes to market.]
2. Sub+doesn't+Verb 1st form      [वह खेलने नहीं जाता है। - He doesn't go to play.]
3. How+does+Sub+Verb 1st form        [राम बाजार कैसे जाता है।  - How does Ram go to market?]
4. Why+doesn't+Sub+Verb 1st form  [राम बाजार क्यों नहीं जाता है।  - Why doesn't Ram go to market? ]

Speaking in Stress or loudly: Sub+does+Verb 1st form    [राम बाजार जाता है!  - Ram does go to market.]
Sentence using Never: Sub+never+Verb 1st form+s/es     [वह खेलने कभी नहीं जाता है। - He never go to play.]

  1. Affirmative:
    • I play cricket.
    • You sing songs.
    • She likes you very much.
    • They come here daily.
    • We read this newspaper.
  2. Negative:
    • You do not help him.
    • She does not speak French.
    • The people do not know the truth.
    • I do not appreciate this.
    • My brother does not like coffee.
  3. Interrogative:
    • Do you live in America?
    • Does she play guitar?
    • Do they not reach office on time?
    • What do you know about this?
    • Why does she not marry you?

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